[Eritrea] The Minimum Integrated Household Agricultural Package (MIHAP) 2018

 Project Outline

In Eritrea, Minimum Integrated Household Agricultural Package has been introduced by the Ministry of Agriculture with interested partners such as African Development Bank and IFAD, whereby each household/ family will acquire one improved cross-breed dairy cow or 6 shoats (to be kept inside and fed through cut and carry), 25 chicken, 2 bee hives, a vegetable plot and 20 trees (10 fruit trees, 5 leguminous trees like moringa, leucinia, pigeon pea etc. as feed supplement to the cow, 5 trees for fire wood) in addition to the land used for crop production.

This package has the potential to improve the living conditions of the family and satisfy their food and nutrition requirements for the respective family and four others; as well as providing extra money by selling surplus products. The crucial issue is for farmers to concentrate on one improved dairy cow which can provide a minimum of 10-15 liters per day milk instead of having 3-5 milking cows with low productivity. The family will consume 20% of the milk and sell the rest. The dung produced will also help to improve soil fertility of their land.

The other component i.e. the backyard poultry is adaptable to the Eritrean condition and will not need special care or attention in their feeding (as they are free range). They are not very susceptible to diseases and can be easily handled. Eggs produced will provide tasty nutritious food for the family and the rest can be sold to other families. Eggs produced by local hen breeds command a premium price because of their quality. Honey is a very nutritious and organic food which can be used by the family and the huge surplus can be easily sold. Vegetables and fruits which contribute the bulk of the nutrition are also an integral part of the package.


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For more information, check the booklet

The booklet developed by the State of Eritrea, Ministry of Agriculture is available from the link below.

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